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Our team is at your service on all matters that are important to you. We serve your interests by setting up a global and forward-looking vision. We support you in the management of your wealth, assets and administrative affairs. Present and discreet at your side, our experts will understand your needs and take into consideration your short and long term concerns, in order to move your family wealth in the desired direction.

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Multi Family Office: services in Geneva and throughout Switzerland

Management of administrative letters

Our independence allows us to ensure a wealth management in Geneva geared solely to your interests. We manage your financial assets in a way that will last over time, limit risks as much as possible and enhance them. To go in this direction, we analyze the current situation of your financial assets, put in place a global strategy, Let us select the best-performing financial players and follow an action plan that will ensure the management and development of your assets favourably.

Management of administrative letters

We act as a single point of contact for the various professionals involved in your business, which allows us to offer you an efficient and conscientious administrative mail management service. By relieving you of this administrative and tedious task, we bring a relevant and pro-active look to our other missions. This vision, on all the administrative aspects that concern you, is essential to promote your interests in the rapid and reactive implementation of a global strategy.

Investment advisory

Our investment advice is tailored to your needs and profile. We can guide you in your investments or savings. Our experience allows us to offer you the right balance of returns/risks. There is no such thing as a perfect, risk-free investment, which is why your family office is there to accompany and advise you.

Wealth management in Switzerland

Making your wealth holdings profitable investments is the whole issue of wealth management in Geneva. We work to value your private wealth but also professional in time, while ensuring to lower the tax burden that weighs on it. The acquisition is part of the wealth management game, we look for opportunities that could be beneficial to you, including abroad. Thinking about the future of your descendants is also part of our work, we accompany you in order to ensure the transmission and succession of your wealth in complete serenity.

Portfolio manager

Our portfolio management specialists work to ensure the profitability of your portfolio. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of your objectives, your financial capacity but also your personality and personal situation, we manage your assets based on a personalized strategy. Our expertise allows us to offer you diversified and secure assets to give you access to new opportunities.

Why use our services?

Our expertise allows us to go even further, as we analyse your needs and include them in a global strategy for preservation and development. Our Family Office in Switzerland, advises you in terms of investment, management of your assets, management of administrative correspondence, asset management, portfolio management. Understanding the issues and risks is our core business. We perfect our vision by surrounding ourselves with experts in their fields, law, real estate, taxation, finance... and become your unique contact. By using the services of a Multi Family Office you seek to simplify your life. We become the "conductor" of the various players in your estate and ensure that their actions are harmonised in accordance with a strategy that will serve your interests. Our global vision of your assets, portfolios and various possessions allows us to develop them, perpetuate them and pass them on to the right people. You can count on our discretion and transparency to ensure that our collaboration is a smooth one. The objective of our support and advice is to ease your daily life by ensuring that you make choices that are well thought out in terms of their advantages, feasibility and disadvantages. We provide our Family Office services throughout Switzerland, in Geneva (Vernier, Lancy, Meyrin, Carouge, Onex, Thônex,...), in Lausanne (Yverdon-les-Bains, Montreux, Nyon, Renens, Vevey, Pully,...) as well as in Fribourg (Bulle, Villars-sur-Glâne, Estavayer, Guin, Morat, Marly,...).

FAQ : Family Office

👪 What is the difference between a multi family office and a single family office ?

The role of coordinator and advisor is identical between the multi family office and the single family office. The difference lies in the clientele, since the former offers its services to several families and therefore clients. The difference lies in the clientele, as the former offers its services to several families and therefore clients, whereas the latter works for a single client, a family, to manage all their financial and wealth needs.

🛎️ Who can use the services of a Multi Family Office ?

Our services are not only dedicated to wealthy families. We advise people who wish to be accompanied in the management of their wealth, assets, patrimony, etc. in order to avoid all the inconveniences associated with it. Entrepreneurs, heirs, former businessmen... you will find the serenity you are looking for in our services.

💸 How much do your services cost ?

We will refer you to our staff to find out how we pay you. On our website you will find our telephone number and a contact form. We will be happy to answer your call.
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