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Guardianship is a protective measure aimed at accompanying and assisting an adult in a vulnerable situation, in order to administer his or her property and protect his or her rights. In Switzerland, the legislation provides for several types of guardianship, adapted to the specific needs of each individual: guardianship of assistance, accommodation, or representation. In this context, the choice of a Swiss trustee, whether private or professional, represents a crucial step in guaranteeing optimal support that respects the interests of the person under protection. This is why Family Office Geneva offers you its trustee services throughout Switzerland, whether you are in Geneva, Fribourg, Lausanne or Zurich.

Understanding the role of the Swiss Trustee

The Swiss Trustee is appointed by the competent authority (court or supervisory board) to exercise a mandate of protection and administration for a person under trusteeship. His missions vary according to the type of guardianship decided by the judge:

  • Trusteeship of assistance : The trustee accompanies the person in the management of his or her daily life, without making financial decisions on his or her behalf.
  • Trusteeship of accommodation : The trustee ensures that the person can continue to manage his or her daily affairs, while providing occasional assistance.
  • Trusteeship of representation : The trustee takes charge of the management of the person's property and affairs, in accordance with the person's interests and under the supervision of the supervisory authority.

In addition to these specific missions, the Swiss trustee must regularly report on his management to the competent authority, and act with diligence, loyalty and transparency towards the protected person. He is also required to respect the fundamental rights and dignity of the protected person, and to promote his autonomy as much as possible.

Swiss Trustee

Choosing a Private or Professional Trustee in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are two main categories of trustees: private trustees and professional trustees. Although the law does not impose any particular criteria for being appointed as a trustee, it does provide for certain conditions and obligations that must be met by each candidate.

Private trustee

The vast majority of trustees in Switzerland are natural persons, chosen from among the relatives of the person under protection (family, friends, neighbors). This solution has several advantages, particularly in terms of proximity and mutual knowledge between the trustee and the protected person. However, to become a private trustee requires availability and specific skills to assume this responsibility.

Professional trustees

Professional trustees are legal entities or self-employed individuals who specialize in assisting vulnerable persons and managing their assets. They can be called upon when family members are unable to assume this role, or when the situation requires a particular level of expertise. Professional trustees offer a personalized trusteeship service adapted to the needs of each individual.

The use of a private guardianship service in Switzerland

In order to meet the growing demand for guardianship services and to guarantee the quality of support for people under protection, several actors now offer private guardianship services in Switzerland. These services are provided by qualified and experienced professionals who put their know-how at the service of vulnerable persons and their families.

The advantages of a private guardianship service

Using a private guardianship service has several advantages for the protected person and their family:

  • Tailor-made support : The professional takes into account the expectations and specific needs of the person under protection, in order to offer him or her adapted assistance.
  • Recognized expertise : The service provider has the skills required to manage complex situations and ensure optimal care.
  • Personalized follow-up : The private guardianship service offers a single contact person, who ensures continuity of support and facilitates exchanges with the protected person and his or her entourage.

Criteria for choosing a private guardianship service

In order to choose the right private guardianship service provider, several elements must be taken into account:

  • Experience and skills : It is important to check the references, diplomas and training followed by the professional.
  • Financial transparency : The fees and billing methods must be clearly explained and justified.
  • Listening and adaptability : The service provider must be able to understand the needs of the person under protection and propose appropriate solutions.

Thus, using a Swiss trustee, whether private or professional, ensures that the rights and interests of the vulnerable person are taken care of effectively. The diversity of guardianship services available on the market also offers families and communities the possibility of finding the best support for each individual situation.

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